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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on the data collection template

  • Our current financial year has not ended, so we don’t have finalized figures for this year. Should we submit figures for the last three completed financial years?

    The study wants the most recent set of financial statements you have, even if they are unaudited. Please submit your organization’s financial statements, whether audited or not, for the last three years. If you do not have financial statements for three years, please see below.

  • Our organization has a mix of foreign and domestic sourced income. Do we need to include all of our income and expenditure in the excel data collection template or just the foreign funding?

    ALL sources of funding to be recorded (both sources raised internationally and domestically).

  • Our organization does not recognise restricted project grant amounts received as income, instead we account for it as a liability in the balance sheet, and reduce the liability as the grant funds are spent. How should we include this in the excel template?

    Please include the amounts spent against the grants as both income and expenditure in the relevant worksheet in the data collection template (and match the income to the expenditure), and we will note the figures will not tie back to the financial statements.

  • Our organization receives general support grants from two funders. For the awards, we have to submit our detailed strategy, respond to questions about impact, outputs and also submit a budget. We have to report about our work and submit a financial report. The funds have to be used in accordance with the approved budget, although prior approval for changes across budget lines is only needed from the funder where expenditure is greater than 10% of the original budget line. Should we classify this as restricted or unrestricted income and expenditure?

    The grants should be classified as restricted. Although the grant is for general support, the use of the funds is restricted by the funder since the funds must be used in accordance with the agreed budget and budget lines (with prior approval needed from the funder where expenditure is greater than 10% of the original budget line), and a financial report has to be submitted showing how the funds were used against the agreed budget.

  • Can I combine income agreements by funder on the Income - All Years worksheet?

    Where your organization has multiple funding agreements with an income source, and where each funding agreement is more than 5% of total income, please include those as separate income lines (for example if there are 2 agreements with the USA government, where each is 25% of total income, include those as 2 separate lines).

  • For the current year should we include grants due as income?

    Please apply the same accounting principles for the current year data that your organization applies when preparing its financial statements.

  • Some of our funding agreements include a confidentiality clause and so we are not able to name those funders. How should we include this in the data collection template?

    Where you are not able to name specific funders for confidentiality reasons, please use "Anon1", "Anon2" etc instead of their name (also see the guidance on the Instructions- start here worksheet of the data collection template.

Questions on the documents to provide

  • Our organization doesn’t have a lot of the documents that have been requested, what should we do?

    Don’t worry if they are not available—we are not expecting every organization to have them all, but please submit what you have. But as a minimum we do need the top three sets of documents included on the requested documents list, as follows:

    1. The final version of the excel data collection template you submitted
    2. Financial statements for the last three years. If your organization does not have three sets of audited financial statements, please submit two years of finalized statements and unaudited or draft statements for the most recent year. If you only have one set of financial statements (ie your organization is less than two years old) please get in touch with us to discuss.
    3. Latest financial reports as submitted to donors from two of the three sources identified on the “Restricted Expenditure” worksheets, for each of the years you are submitting data (unless you have not submitted any financial reports to the donor as yet for a source). Where one agreement is included across multiple years, you only need to submit the latest report for that agreement, not a report for each year.
  • Our organization has multi-year grants that are funding/have funded either the largest, second largest or third largest amounts of restricted expenditure for the current year and last year. Which financial reports should I submit for those grants?

    Please provide the latest financial report only for the multi-year grant